Recent Publications + Projects

Joy Rankin, "Where in the world is...Cathy Carlston," The New Inquiry and Lady Science No. 45 (June 14, 2018).

Consultant for the pilot episode of Girls Code, written by Kim Rosenstock.

Conference organizing committee for the 2017 SIGCIS Conference Measure, Model, Mix: Computer as Instrument on October 29, 2017 in Philadelphia.

Joy Rankin, "Eugenics: Policing Everything," The New Inquiry and Lady Science No. 33 (June 15, 2017).

Joy Rankin at Command Lines: Software, Power and Performance at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA (March 2017). Watch the video here.

Joy Rankin, "Florence Nightingale: Of Myths and Maths," The New Inquiry and Lady Science No. 29 (February 17, 2017).

Joy Rankin, "Lady Wranglers," The New Inquiry and Lady Science No. 26 (November 18, 2016).

Joy Rankin, "My Thrilling Adventures Reading about Ada and Charles," Lady Science No. 23 (August 19, 2016).

Joy Rankin, "Surviving the Dissertation Long Haul," Medium, March 23, 2016.

Joy Rankin, "Why I love The Bletchley Circle and you should, too" Lady Science No. 10 (July 17, 2015).

Joy Rankin, "Queens of Code," Lady Science No. 9 (June 19, 2015).

Joy Rankin, "From the Mainframes to the Masses: A Participatory Computing Movement in Minnesota Education," Histories of the Internet special issue of Information and Culture: A Journal of History 50.2 (2015), pp. 197-216.

Joy Rankin at Mistakes Were Made: Computer History, Decompiled, New York University, April 2015.

Consultant to Gillian Jacobs, director of the documentary film The Queen of Code, FiveThirtyEight's "Signal Series" (January 2015). Read an interview with Jacobs about the film.

Joy Rankin, "Toward a History of Social Computing: Children, Classrooms, Campuses, and Communities," IEEE Annals of the History of Computing 36.2 (April - June 2014), pp. 88, 86-87.

Historian for the documentary film The Birth of BASIC, produced by Bob Drake, premiered at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH (2014).